just. another. blog.

(what’s one more blog in a sea of blogs right)

Hey there, Liz here 🙂 So I’m maybe a few years late to the party, and those of you who know me are probably wondering why I’m starting a blog now. It’s pretty simple actually – it’s finals week, so of course I have managed to find myself yet another form of procrastination.

So, blogging. Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing (shameless self-promotion: those of you who like reading, check me out at fanfiction.net here) and blogging seems easier than vlogging (here I am with ratty hair, in my pjs and nobody will ever know! ahhh, the joys of home). If any readers don’t know me and are in fact curious to put a face to the name feel free to examine me at my finest on Instagram aka highlight reel of my life here (I do love me some good filters) (hope you aren’t too disappointed :P)

Actually, I have been thinking about creating a Youtube channel too (yes, my procrastination knows no bounds). Might put that one off til uni break though – the “Me Before You” trailer has been plastered everywhere lately and I kid you not, “Photograph” was stuck in my head for 5 days straight. And yes, I sang it out loud, on repeat, over those 5 days while frantically writing notes before my first exam – sorry housemate! (and neighbours!) So yeah, the obsession is so bad I’m honestly considering picking up guitar for it once I head back to Sydney (currently studying at uni in QLD). Back to “Photograph”, if you somehow missed it on the news, Ed Sheeran’s getting sued over its similarity to Matt Cardle’s “Amazing” D: (and okay, so I listened to it and the songs are pretty similar but I shall reserve judgement for now seeing as coincidences can happen). Also on the news lately: Christina Grimmie got shot! I can’t believe it – her audition for The Voice remains the single. most. perfect. thing. I have ever heard and seen, honestly! She was so young…)

Well that sort of ends my train of thought for now. First blog post done and dusted! Thanks for reading, hope you’ll come back next time 😉


Liz ❤

P.S. quick explanation of the username I use on social media: I didn’t choose it randomly, my middle initial is actually C and my last name starts with H so seems logical…

P.P.S. yes that is a (very cute) rabbit you see in the photo featured because cute animals = more fans (no, in all seriousness that is my pet rabbit, who is back in Sydney – I miss him! – and the photo is a throwback to our time last winter sunbaking together inside the house :3)

June 13th edit: And there’s been ANOTHER shooting in Orlando – there are just no words. What is there to say? Our best wishes to all those affected by these tragedies in any way, and in the words of one of my best friends – the gun laws in Australia might well have been John Howard’s best call. On a happier note? Happy birthday Chris Evans! ❤


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