party girls… don’t get hurt?

(1-2-3, 1-2-3, drink)

Recognise the lyrics? Yeah, alright, so I may have spent a few (read: A LOT of) hours after the shocking news of Christina Grimmie’s death browsing her The Voice videos and then some (others). How amazing was Jordan Smith’s cover of “Chandelier”? But that’s not the focus of this post.

I’ve never thought of myself as a party girl – but moving interstate for my first year of uni has given me a lot more freedom in this regard. Out late? No worried parents waiting back at home. Too late? No questions, crash at a friend’s place for the night.

It’s both frightening and elating. I have so much freedom, but if something happened to me – would anyone know? (In my first few weeks up in Queensland I actually had a near miss with a car at the local roundabout – my fault, should have taken more care crossing an unfamiliar road – and nobody has ever known, at least until now.)

As a female especially it has been drummed into me from a very young age – stranger = danger. And while yes, I have gone clubbing once and been drinking a couple times more, I like to think that I am responsible with my freedom.

-trigger warning: drinking (recreational)-

I know I am going against my parents (well, my mum’s) wishes by drinking, but I know my limits (or haven’t reached them yet, at any rate). The truth is I did try the straightforward way – in February, at 18 ½ years old, the week before I left, I asked if I could have my first drink with my parents at home. As you can guess, Mum’s answer was no – because ‘alcohol rots the brain’. Now I know alcohol can cause brain damage, but one drink? Really?

So it’s no surprise that I’ve resorted to drinking away from home. I am however a fairly careful person and in fact have only been drinking because of events I’ve attended, most of which were only for people from my course anyway. (Not to mention I have only upped the drink count as it becomes apparent I’m not yet tipsy + I’ve always been surrounded by at least 4 close friends when doing so.) Yes, I’ve accepted drinks from strangers (c’mon, free drinks!) but when I’m handed it straight from the bartender or when it’s an unopened bottle of champagne – I think it’s pretty safe, or a calculated risk at any rate.

I do believe in drinking socially, though I do not believe in smoking or taking drugs (alright, so I can hear the voices of my public health lecturers right now saying that the first two are in fact drugs too but you know what I mean). FYI, I don’t know how smokers stand it, the very smell puts me off. Point is, of all these alcohol is the only one I’d ever consider and even then only in social situations, and not in excess.

Well, those are all my thoughts on the party scene for now 😛 This time when I head back to Sydney* I am going to a few parties too – the Underground Rainforest day party (how cool does the event description sound omg) and the Black Party (finally, an iheartuni event I can attend! also, their models for the lookbooks – just W-O-W… one day when I grow up I want to look that good too). Those of you going: see y’all there!


Lizzy ❤

*so I wrote this before my flight, but couldn’t post coz of dodgy airport wifi – I’m back in Syd now! #homesweethome


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