Me Before You

(aka the movie Ed Sheeran’s song singlehandedly convinced me to watch)

So I’m a sucker for the splash of romance present in most movies, but ones where the romance is a major part of the plotline? Not normally my thing, though I can still have a great time watching with friends.

This one? I won’t say it was magically 10x better than the rest, but for reasons unknown I cried buckets. Might not be saying much, seeing as I normally tear up in that one emotional scene in every movie, but I’m talking buckets. Like, I (and my friend Jessi can attest to this) literally moisturised my cheeks. With tears. I kept wiping my hands sideways across my face except it wasn’t getting any drier because my cheeks were already completely wet. And this though I knew what was coming. Isn’t that strange?

It wasn’t particularly the plot that had me going. I felt like a lot of the movie was comprised of lines I’d already seen in trailers, and I’d expected more fleshing out of scenes that turned out to be exactly what they were in the trailers – quick montages flashing by. However, the actors did the film great justice and truly brought the characters to life.

I know there’s a lot of controversy over the way disability is portrayed in the film and even the casting. I will offer this: the film is doing its job – making a cinematic rendition of the book, so perhaps when critiquing that should be taken into account. (I haven’t read the book myself – perhaps I will, just to make a comparison.) As for casting, I can understand the controversy over using an able-bodied actor, but I will also raise the question: exactly how many quadriplegic actors are there in Hollywood?

At any rate, the film was a pretty nice watch for someone a little dubious about films that are deliberately meant to be emotional. Once it ended, we joined the queue to the bathroom opposite, where we crying women all looked at each other with complete and mutual understanding.

Guys, this is a good one for the ladies. Take your gal (but prepare to be cried on) and she’ll love you for it 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to Photograph – again.

Scoring on the Liz scale of movie awesomeness:

+10 good acting

+15 Lou’s outfits :’)

+20 dickhead Neville Longbottom!

-50 what even is plot development, everything was basically in the trailer

+20 the argument that made us all cry

+50 Photograph

Total: 65/100

Verdict? “Loving can hurt sometimes” but “if you hurt me, that’s okay baby only words bleed” (NO ACTUALLY IT’S NOT OKAY AND LIZ SAD.)


Liz ❤


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