Finding Dory

(just keep swimming)


This one was on the (non-existent) list long before the trailer came out, simply because it WAS our childhood. The forgetful and loveable fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres returned to the big screen as a little one, and HOW ADORABLE WAS SHE? All big round hopeful eyes.


The film itself was a tad more slow-paced than its predecessor, but perhaps even more the heartbreaking as we followed the amnesiac fish on all the ups and downs of her life. What was funny in the first film became a touchy subject in this sequel as we discovered the very real problems Dory faces, from day-to-day interactions to having lost her parents.


New friends (Hank makes an adorably gruff octopus – pardon me, septopus) and old (Destiny, the pipe-pal – that was a great laugh) help Dory on her journey, willingly or unwillingly – though as usual, she wins everyone over by the end.


That being said, while her comical adventure harkens back to the days of childhood, I am truly saddened to say that in the end perhaps I have grown up and can no longer appreciate the wildly unbelievable events the way I used to.


A pleasant watch nevertheless, and spending time with friends is what counts 🙂


Scoring on the Liz scale of movie awesomeness:


-50 slow pace

+20 Destiny the ‘pipe-pal’

+10 Bailey the Beluga

+10 the sea-lions

+10 Becky

-30 whole movie based around the one premise of Dory’s memory loss

+20 feels and fun

+25 HANK

Total: 65/100


Verdict? “Migration is about going home” – and this movie is home for the child in us all.



Lizzy ❤


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