Thor: Ragnarok

(NOT a film review)


In case you missed the trending hashtags on Facebook, Thor: Ragnarok has been filming in Brisbane. In case you missed my first blog post, I moved for uni to Brisbane.


So guess which Marvel fangirl got to see Thor and Loki?


That’s right – ME!


On Thursday the 25th of August, at precisely 6:35pm, my phone was touched by a god. ‘Thor’ has touched my phone. Chris Hemsworth himself has held my phone! CHRIS HEMSWORTH took a selfie with me, on my phone!!! (Yeap, I’m never cleaning my phone again.)


Don’t be fooled however – while I know how lucky I am to have gotten a photo, it was the product of 10+ hours of waiting. (Hello, sore feet!)


Play-by-play breakdown of events:

time spent beforehand researching street closures a.k.a. where to find them +

Saturday 20th August: woke up early (for a Saturday anyway), @Mary St 1000-1230hrs and 1400-1630hrs, saw crew/stuntmen/reporters

Monday 22nd August: woke up early (for cakeface + before class), @Margaret St 0900-1030hrs, just across the road from BOTH Chris and Tom!

Wednesday 24th August: ran halfway across city carrying groceries, @Mary St 1545-1615hrs, got 1m away from Chris

Thursday 25th August: went straight after class, @Mary St 1530-1830hrs, GOAL ACHIEVED (selfie with Chris)



So as you can see, it wasn’t easy. Especially Wednesday. (Running halfway across the city with 3L of milk, a 6-pack of Up-and-Go, cereal and biscuits is not fun.) And all this for my second-favourite Chris. As my friends joked, if it was Chris Evans nothing would’ve stopped me. (I agree.)


At any rate I’m probably boring you with this recount of my endeavours to see Chris, so I’ll disclose what little knowledge I have of the upcoming movie. (Of course, scenes may be cut so no guarantees.)


  1. A Thai massage parlour and a shady back alley. Yup, there was some filming going on in a dodgy dumpster laneway next to a massage place and a hair salon. Perhaps Thor got his hair done?


  1. A selfie scene. Yes, it was definitely a scene and not just a random passerby taking a selfie with the Asgardian ‘brothers’. (I wish – who wouldn’t want Chris Hemsworth’s arms around them?) Lucky gal – in the space of half an hour they redid the shoot 3 times. (How/where do I sign up?)


  1. Loki in a suit. That’s right – who knows if Tom Hiddleston’s adoring fans will get to see him as 007 but 100% confirmed he cuts a pretty good figure in an all-black ensemble.


That’s all, folks – Marvel fans, assemble! 😉



Liz ❤


P.S. So much for updating every week – sorry! No excuses but I’ll try to make it up sometime in the future 🙂


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