Clubbing 2.0

(a.k.a. the difference between white and Asian clubs)

I’ve been clubbing a few times now, but Saturday night was the second ‘full’ experience – one where I haven’t had to leave early thanks to extenuating circumstances 😛

Being honest, clubbing is something of an ego trip. Half the fun is in dressing up and getting ready with the girls, knowing you look good.

The other half depends on who you meet.

The Fung Brothers’ video “GUYS YOU MEET AT THE CLUB” is really very accurate, and not just for Asian guys. Promoters and wallflowers, fobs and gangsters, dancers and table guys – various breeds of guy abound at clubs, but none so much as: the creeper guys. Sure, some girls at the club might be looking to hook up but for the most part? Girls just wanna have fun. (Is that the title of something? I feel like it is, so I’ll underline it just in case. Hmm.) At any rate, grinding shamelessly on + running your hands all over a girl who doesn’t reciprocate is just uncalled for – not even if you’ve introduced yourself and made small talk for all of 20 seconds, and particularly not when you’re hitting on every other girl there too. (Here’s a hint – if we’re dancing together? We’re probably friends, and not too impressed by your attempts to flirt with ALL of us. It ain’t rocket science.)

This brings me to the rarest breed of male encountered at nightclubs: the nice guys. Now, like the Fung Brothers noted, there are 2 types – the dorks and the gentlemen. The dorks well – they try pretty hard, but if the ‘conversation’ is really one-sided questioning and we refuse your offer of drinks? We’re probably not interested, sorry. The gentlemen though – now that is a whole other story.

On Saturday, we danced half the night with one group of guys. Why? Well, apart from their rad dance skills (I know, it was a huge surprise to me too), they were astoundingly polite. The nicest guy there (also the one with the bomb moves) actually told off one of his more drunken friends (no, I wasn’t eavesdropping, he yelled it out over the music so it’s not my fault I overheard), actually saying “DON’T grind on them!” THAT totally floored me – a nice guy, with flashy moves (but not a show-off dancer-boy), interested in dancing with us (and not on us)? We probably spent a good few hours dancing with that guy and his friends – and what an amazing time that was. Dancing in a close circle, goofing off, grinning at each other as we collectively yelled out the lyrics to the songs – no pressure, no worries, just the thrilling high of a good time. Just, wow. If only every clubbing experience was like that. Truly, we had such a fun time together that I considered asking for some numbers, if only to call them up next time we went clubbing. Sadly, I chickened out – plus, wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea (after all, don’t quite know them well enough to start anything yet – not a believer of love at first sight, sorry.) As it was, we took a break for water (we had been dancing since 10pm after all – typical Asians, going to clubs early to avoid cover charges/lockouts) and didn’t get to see them again. Sigh.

Well, that was basically the inspiration for this post. I suppose I should get to the point mentioned in the title – the differences between ‘white’ and ‘Asian’ clubs. White clubs have a bit of a rep – making out, grinding, the usual works. However, in my (admittedly limited) experience, while there is some sleaziness, it is not at all worse than that seen in  Asian clubs – quite the reverse. In Asian clubs, the creeper guys are handsy and confident, with no concept of personal space as they deliberately isolate a girl from her friends. Conversely, at white clubs, it seems most creepers will, after some time, get the hint and move on to more willing targets. Well, except for this one persistent guy that followed one of my friends around – not to worry, that’s why we girls go in groups. Cue rotating barricade, stomping heels and the sudden and urgent need for water. Funny story – I once tried the water trick (a.k.a. desperate signal for help), but unfortunately my friend was too drunk to understand and heed what I meant:

(me while nodding vigorously with eyebrows raised) “Do you want water?”

(her shaking her head and smiling at me) “Nahhh, I’m fine, I’m fine!”

(me, dragging her with me anyway) “Yes, you want water!”

Funny story 2.0 – my friend tried to give me her code for ‘escape’ (completely ignoring the pre-arranged code of ‘water’ – sigh, Ash) by CLAWING MY ELBOW. Not only was I in pain, I was very confused (was she drunk? but we hadn’t had anything since pre-drinks?) and completely missed her point. Oops.

So yeah. That’s the summation of my clubbing experiences so far, I guess. Hope you enjoyed this update – ’til next time!


Liz ❤

P.S. I was searching if there was a female counterpart to the “guys you meet at clubs” video and saw a BuzzFeedYellow one, “8 Types Of Girls You’ve Danced With” that was pretty accurate. Can confidently say I myself have been the texter, the mess, the goofball and the photographer. Possibly also the hair? (I mean, I don’t have hair that’s real special or anything, it’s just I do sometimes fling it around during dancing if that counts.) Not gonna make the call on the ‘pro’ part, someone else can be the judge 😉 and am certainly not the leave-space gal nor the clinger. Yeah.


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