Bridget Jones’ Baby

(which we all knew would be Mark’s)


Bridget is a woman many of us can relate with. She constantly puts her foot in her mouth around the guy she likes, feels the perpetual pressure of being single and is just that slightest bit overweight.


Or she was before this movie.


The truth is this film, while still enjoyable, delved a tad too much into the realm of the fantastic. (By that I mean the opposite of realistic.) She’s lost that weight, she’s getting married, she’s starting a family – it’s all a little too perfect (heck, even ex Daniel Cleaver’s alive and kicking.)


And the truth is I do begrudge her that happy ending, a little. (It would not have panned out that way if I was the director. But hey who am I to judge the decision of professionals in their own industry?)


Call me biased but Jack is pretty much the ideal man. He’s handsome, he’s wealthy and there is clearly chemistry there in abundance. And yet despite his near perfection (near, because he does have his faults – that mean little stunt he pulled with Mark for example) Bridget tosses him over for her ex. Just my opinion, but if it hasn’t worked out multiple times? It won’t. (Your ex is an ex for a reason.)


So, honestly, I was rooting for Jack. I knew of course it wouldn’t happen – was there any chance at all they would’ve let Bridget end up with him instead of Mark? Nope. They would have legions of angry fans to deal with then. (Probably.)


But they still could’ve made the baby Jack’s. I get the whole last-minute-surprise factor by making the audience think it was his, before revealing Mark as the actual father – but tell me, what has Mark to lose here? Nothing. Jack was ready to commit from the get-go, whereas Mark threw a little tantrum first and later on married his on-off love and mother of his child. Would he still have married Bridget if the child had been Jack’s? (Now that would have proven his dedication and worth, but guess we’ll never know.)


At any rate, the movie was still good for more than a few laughs, thanks to Bridget’s fantastic new bestie Miranda and the ever-wonderful Emma Thompson. Oh, and let’s not forget Ed Sheeran, bless him.


Scoring on the Liz scale of movie awesomeness:

+50 return of everyone’s favourite not-quite-heroine

-30 not enough explanation of how Bridget’s squad all suddenly became parents and true adults

-50 absence of lovable ass played by Hugh Grant

+100 PATRICK DEMPSEY ding dong indeed

+50 return of Colin Firth

-50 Mark’s unexplained marriage to another woman

-75 Jack was just there for drama/conflict, he deserved more

-100 ending too HEA (Mark and Bridget get everything?)

+30 Ed Sheeran!

+50 Miranda!!

+100 Emma Thompson!!! the real star of the piece

Total: 75/100

Verdict: Still better than Justin Bieber’s Baby 😉



Lizzy ❤


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