(can you hear me)


Okay so you haven’t heard from me lately – but fear not, I am not dead! Just busy. Well not that busy – just trying to make excuses for my absence here. Got some pretty good ones lined up too: coming back up to Queensland, bestie/housemate moving in!, uni being uni, 2 weeks of severe illness, friendship group disintegrating (okay exaggeration but one person IS leaving CONGRATS FOR ACHIEVING YOUR DREAM AND OMG WE’LL MISS YOU) and probably the most legitimate reason: my own laziness. (Sorry!)


Anyway, I’ve had enough questions about my blog in the past… 2 months?! (oh dear I thought it was only about a month – time flies??) that I thought y’all deserved an answer. So thank you all for reminding me that blogging is a commitment too!


Additionally and coincidentally, it’s been about a year since I started this (I vaguely remember doing so as procrastination before midsems) – and wow! I just really want to thank those of you who have ever discussed my posts with me; I can’t tell you how much it means when somebody expresses their appreciation for my writing. Seriously, whenever I hear that my words have had any sort of impact on any of you – it’s made my day. So thank you – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And even if you haven’t mentioned anything to me in person too that’s okay – thank you just for being here, reading now – it’s just amazing.


I’ve been on a bit of a ramble up above but that’s basically what’s been going on (as well as a bunch of friends’ birthdays yay!) Now a bit of a forecast for what’s coming: so many things I’ve watched that I want to review and even started to, just never finished :/ So here are some half-written posts that I will (probably) be publishing in the near future: Sing, La La Land and Lion, some recent concert/musical experiences and Sherlock. Some as yet unwritten but I am thinking about: Fargo and Riverdale (seriously I love Sebastian Stan but no longer think he is the only one who can pull off the hot hobo look – bless Cole Sprouse and his genetics).


Well that’s it for now. Thanks again all for reading and ’til next time!



Lizzy ❤


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