(and my girl-crush on Scarlett intensifies*)


To explain that statement, I’m not crushing on a hedgehog. No-siree. What I AM totally crushing on is the in-all-ways-wonderful Scarlett Johansson who, in addition to her other multitude of talents, can apparently also sing. (What ARE you doing, Mr Dauriac? I’d hoped the rumours weren’t true sigh.)

Anyway, before I get carried away let’s get to the film. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed any kids’ movie as much as I did this one. From the flamboyant Gunter to Ash’s biting teenage sarcasm to Buster’s rendition of a car wash, the film is filled with laughs from start to finish, and bound to end up a family favourite.

It’s your cliché heartwarming tale, with an important underlying message: have courage and be kind.** Buster has had no small hand in his own reversal of fortune; as Nana Noodleman astutely points out: “your pathetic shows are the reason that theatre no longer has an audience!” (Ouch.) And yet in the context of this film all his troubles seem to stem from the actions of 2 characters in particular: the well-meaning Ms Crawley, and the not-so-well-meaning Mike. Thankfully the lovely Meena saves the day (her Hallelujah gave me chills holy moly) and eventually, ALL IZZ WELL.***


Scoring on the Liz scale of movie awesomeness:

+10 Gunter

+10 fab squids


+50 Meena’s singing WOWZA

-5 how come all the animals can talk except the rooster in the restaurant? (biased anthropomorphism, clearly the writers had something against chickens)


Verdict: Sing for me!****



Liz ❤


P.S. Seriously, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any kids’ movie quite so enjoyable! But then, I have yet to see Moana. Hmm.


*#womancrushwednesday! xoxo (even though it’s Saturday…)

** I can’t believe I’m quoting Cinderella, I’ll just think of it as quoting Hayley Atwell #bringbackAgentCarter

***3 Idiots

****Phantom of the Opera


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