Green Day

(& other things)


Now is most certainly not the time to be blogging, an hour before I leave to go watch GREEN DAY!!! But here I sit, hurriedly downing Continental soup and pizza in a nervous thrill as I open my blog page for the first time in maybe a month. (So what if I forwent cooking to choose a concert outfit but started blogging instead? Everything’s topsy-turvy right now.)


Again I’m sorry it’s been so long since an update – as it turns out blogging is something of a serious commitment (and as many of you would know I am not a very serious person.) But I’ll try update when I can, the goal being before SWOTVAC grips me in its unrelenting claws.


So tonight’s the big night! Back to the outfit problem; I’ve always been in the mosh pit for previous concerts but for the first time I’m seated 😥 and so struggling with what to wear – it’s been a cold and rainy day (happily no reflection of current mood, as I passed the practical drilling/filling exam with flying colours by my own admittedly low standards) so it wouldn’t be weird to wear long sleeves and pants to a concert, right? RIGHT?


Think the idea of seeing Green Day has turned my head – promise I’m not usually this anal about my clothes! Not sure if this can really be characterised as a blog post, more an informal stream-of-consciousness accompanied by frantic pizza-shovelling so thanks for bearing through the ditzy rambles of a fangirl. Now time to change, and I’ll be off!



Liz ❤


P.S. Think I’ll wear green. That would be a fitting tribute, wouldn’t it?




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